Hi everyone, so today's dedicated to REAL talk.  The bodycon dress is one of the fashion trends that seems to be sticking around for a while!  Probably because they’re so easy to wear and style, and you know, you really get to show off that killer bod. No complaints here!

However, a bodycon dress and a food baby = No bueno, especially if you're having that goooood dinner. But before, you kick the bodycon dress out of your outfit plans hear me out. My favorite thing to do in times like this is throw on a kimono or even a poncho.

Kimonos are light, they’re breezy, they’re super stylish and best of all, they’re very comfortable! They also come in a variety of colors, prints, and lengths. Now that we're transitioning to Fall, Ponchos are a chic option as well- they'll keep you warm, cover up your food baby, and take your outfits to the next level! Throw your kimono/poncho on after dinner or take it off when your food baby subsides more. Simple!


Kim Kardashian is one person who really knows how to rock this trend! This concept has been her style secret throughout this her second pregnancy with husband, Kanye West.

BONUS: Lightweight sleeveless jackets and vest do the same trick too! And of course, this is also a style plus for my curvy ladies out there. Even for anyone out there on the journey of self-love and body confidence and you're a bit apprehensive about bodycon styles, try this trick to ease your way into the trend.

Watch my video on this style hack on my YouTube channel HERE. What style hacks do you know? Please share! If you have any style hack questions, leave them in the comments as well! :)