And So It Begins...

Hello!!!... Happy New Year. I can't believe it's already 2014. 2011 feels just like yesterday: it was the year I began University and also one of the creepiest years of my existence. Do you remember the numerous rumors circulating about how the world was going to end in 2012? I mean, I am a Christian, and according to my beliefs, that would have been impossible; however, for some really weird reason I was still really creeped out on the inside. Alas! It's 2014 and the Earth hasn't exploded, fallen, or disappeared into tiny molecules yet.

2014 means a lot to me. I have just one more year to complete University, but instead of feeling really happy, I actually feel pretty overwhelmed. All of a sudden, it has dawned on me that I will soon be going into the 'real world'; my own life will begin in only a matter of months. Also, I'll be hitting the big 2 0 this year (*gasp* yeah yeah yeah... ssshhhh... I know it's really not that big, and I'm still very young; however, it scares me a lot! :/).

As usual, I have made my list of resolutions for this year. This time, however, I am prepared to commit to these resolutions 100%. I have decided to work hard (the truth is I realized I do not put in even up to 70% of my abilities in most of the things I do... YES; That has to stop this year.). Also, I want to be a mover, doer and a shaker. Most of all though, I want to get to know the God who has kept me to this moment better.

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It's your turn now: what are some of your plans/resolutions for 2014? I wish you an extremely successful year. Make sure you follow me on Instagram and Twitter to keep up-to-date this year, especially with my new YouTube channel.