Hello people!! 

I hope you all are having an awesome day!! Before I continue I would just like to say, Make sure NO ONE stops you from reaching your dreams!

I don't normally do this and I know this is not what this blog is about but, I just thought I'd share with you what happened to me in the last thirty minutes of my life. 

I woke up today feeling very normal and happy to be alive. I made a very important call and I heard the door bell ring. It was my two friends: Barbara and Janet!

They came in and had food to eat and we went on chatting. I suddenly remembered I had a deadline to meet and that deadline was in about 20 minutes. I had not taken my bath or even had anything to eat. In my mind I quickly thought of ways to avoid missing the deadline. 

I either had to send an email out or go submit my application in person. I know you would think that sending an email would be easier and faster but guess what? I couldn't do that because, I had to re-download the form and fill it all out again. Then would have to find a way to put in a digital signature. On the other hand, I had printed out this form and my plan was to get up early and submit it after work. Guess what? Yesterday, my boss and I agreed that I'll work tomorrow instead of today! But I completely forgot about that!

Without wasting time, I quickly got set and put on a pair of slippers. I ran out of my house, it was cold but all I could think of was I had to get there in the next 10 mins, latest. As I got to the junction of my street, something I had never dreamt of happened! My slippers cut, On the road.. I went back to pick it up and tried to walk in it. I realized it was going to slow me down!

I picked it up from the ground and took off the other one! I continued running bare-feet. I got to the main road where I had to cross. That was when it actually hit me that people were staring at me. Just so you know, I do this thing that I can pretend like I have no idea what's going on around me but I am fully aware of it. That was exactly what I did.

I continued walking fast through the parking lot like I was dressed like any other person, with shoes, that is. I walked through the school and found the building. When I entered, I could not find the room I was looking for. I entered a different office and asked for directions to the room and after going round and round for like 3 minutes and I finally found the room. I entered and gave my application to the gentleman I saw there. 

He also pretended like he didn't see my barefeet and the slippers in my hand. He took the form and just assured me that I will be contacted. I left the building and I thought to myself.. 'WOW, Kike you have really changed'. I felt like I had accomplished something great and I knew I had. 

People continued to stare at me as I walked back home. But I did not mind them. A group of guys saw me and started laughing but I also did not mind them. 

What is my point? A few days, weeks or months ago, I would have turned back around to go back home. My motive would have been that, 'well my house was closer or that I could re-apply the next year'. But today, I broke out of that shell I used to hide in and I feel so good right now!

I don't even care if I am chosen or not but what I know is, I did something great today! I did not let others stop me from achieving my goal! This is the beginning of a new future for me! I totally thank God for this episode and I know that everything works together for good for those that love him.

So, my lovely friends and readers, DO NOT let anyone stop you from doing anything you want to do for yourself no matter who they are. Not even your mother! Don't feel depressed, come out of that shell and do something for yourself and just don't care about any negativity from anyone. 

If they can't do it, they want to tell you that you can't but you know what, you are greater than that.

Thank you very much for reading!! I hope you enjoy the rest of the week.

God bless you!!!

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Hello guys What's up?

I'm so super excited about this.. LOL.. I finally made the eyebrow tutorial video. This is my first tutorial video ever!!! So please, bear with me.

I hope you guys enjoy it and learn something from it!! If you have any question or suggestions, please post them in the comment box!!

The products I used are:
  1. Elf eyebrow kit in dark
  2. Elf eyeshadow 'C' brush
  3. Aziza eyeliner pencil in black 
  4. Maybelline fit me foundation ( any concealer or foundation will do) - a shade lighter than you skin color
  5. A mascara wand brush (not sure if that's what its called x.X)
  6. Maybelline fit me pressed powder
  7. Elf angled foundation brush
  8. Elf powder brush

 The main tricks in doing this are:
  1. Make sure you blend as much as possible with the mascara wand brush
  2. Make sure whatever kit or pencil you are using is not more than a shade lighter than your hair color
  3. Make sure you blend out the foundation/concealer properly, I like to do it upwards and then sideways
  4. If you naturally have thick eyebrows, follow the shape and growth of you brows. If your brows are thin, you have the option of creating the shape you want but you must also be patient enough to blend very well.
  5. To know the best place to stop drawing the line, take a brush and place it at the bottom of your eyes in such a way that its aligned with your eyes and you will notice where your brows should stop for a natural look.

If you are able to follow those steps, you will hopefully achieve a natural look. You can't really hear what I'm saying at the beginning and end, sorry about that! :(

OK.. Get ready and here we go!!! :D

Here is the YouTube link to the tutorial to view it bigger :)

Before and After

Hope you guys liked it!! :D Please let me know what you think!!!
Have a lovely week!!!
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Hey guys, How are you doing today? As I promised, I'm back! Today's post features a long top with jeans and wedges!

When I go out, I see a lot of ladies we have the same features but we all also have different body types. It is necessary for everyone to know their body type and the type of clothing that fits their body type as well. What looks good on me may not look so good on you (see what I mean?).

I encourage anyone who already doesn't know this to check it out! I know my body type is Pear - meaning my lower half generally is bigger than my upper half. So I have learnt how to work with it. Its not very fun when you have to buy an XS top and M pants or when you buy an XS dress and the bottom half is very tight and the upper part is just fine... SMH! LOL.. But that's my body so I have to embrace it and so should you!

This outfit is worth approximately $65 from head to toe!

OK so, here we go! I hope you like it!! :D

Urban behaviour blouse, Ardene belt, Urban planet jeans, Old bracelets and ring, Aldo necklace, Siren wedges!

OH! I almost forgot to mention, I got these wedges for half price! Originally at $30 so I got them for $15. You DO NOT have to drain you bank account to dress nicely, OK? So don't do that! :D

That was it! What do you think?

 Please let me know OK?



Hello lovely people, How are you all doing?

I've received a lot of compliments about my eyebrows so, I decided to do a little tutorial and I'll be uploading it soon! :) 

Stay tuned!

I hope everyone is having a great holiday! 

Take care and see you soon!! :D

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Thank you very much!!!

Good day people!!

I just want to say thank you to all of you for checking out my blog! It now has over a thousand views. I just saw this as I was about to got to bed and so, I just want to say a very big, fat THANK YOU.
I have not been making any new posts because, the camera I use fell and well, got destroyed. I'm trying to find a cheap one to use in the mean time before I get another. I hope to get back with a lot of new ideas soon! So please check back frequently (I'll let you know when).

Thank you all very much, this means a lot to me especially as a new blogger!!! :)

Thank you!!

Much love,