Sweater: Walmart Pants: Suzy Shier Boots: Michael Antonio via BeyondTheRack Hat: Ardene

Total Outfit Cost: Approx. $58.60

I scored these boots for $7.58 (yes, you read that correctly!) about two weeks back! This has to be my greatest deal so far! I'm absolutely in love with them and they just look super gorgeous in person! Guys, Suzy Shier, one of my favorite stores, now ships to US!

It's been freezing cold, and I don't know if I can continue shooting outside. We'll see! I was searching for affordable leather pants everywhere, but the only ones I could find were leggings! I finally got these ones over the Christmas break for only about $17.

Some shopping tips: study the stores where you shop, be specific about the items you want to buy, stalk them for a while if they're too pricey, then get them when they're on sale. It pays to wait... sometimes!

IAB  is launching tomorrow! Yaay! I will begin the series and then other features will be put up from next Wednesday, so come back tomorrow to check out my answers.




  1. Oh my.... those boots are FIERCE!! I must have them in my life!!! You look so glam!!!

    xo, Kenya

    Kenya L Fashion Blog

  2. Those boots are fab! The colors and texture... <3

    Bargains are pretty awesome. To me, It feels like I've accomplished something amazing. Haha :)

    I like how the top part of this look is subtle; draws attention to the boots! :

    1. Lol! Bargains are the best! Thank you Seun. :)

  3. oh wow. such a good price for the boots. love the look! I see you got yourself a DSLR, which one did you get as im looking to upgrade?

    fikki xx

    check out our blog:

    1. Thanks! I used a friend's and I'm not sure what model it is, but i know it's a canon. :(

  4. Oh God! You're so damn beautiful! And your style's just killing me. in a positive way ofc :)


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