A Different Kind Of Valentine


Top: H&M Skirt: Dynamite Tights: Ardene Shoes: LightInTheBox

Hey guys, I'm back! That didn't take too long right? I decided to resume early because I feel much better!

Valentine's day is around the corner, and I know some people are already going crazy looking for that 'special outfit'. As for the rest of us, we're just here chilling; we'll help you with your outfit ideas and that's it for us. *Story of my Life*

Anyhoo, Valentine's day outfits normally gear towards sweet, girly, cute outfits, but I decided to come up with something more edgy. This look will be more appropriate for like a classy romantic dinner, so please don't wear this to the movies! Jk. 

I really need a good and affordable DSLR camera. Can please you recommend any?

The IAB launch is drawing nearer. I received a couple of emails, but I'm still waiting for yours! Don't just sit back and watch the show, be a part of the show! :)

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  1. I thought exactly the same thing that it was a dress. then realised it was seperates which make it even hotter. Loves it

    fikki xx

    check out our blog

    1. Lol! Thanks and I will! :)

  2. Anonymous23.2.13

    Your dress and shoes are extremely beautiful. Perfect!


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