So... Where Have You Been

Hi Keekars... nah I'm just playing with you. So the blog was lil bit dehydrated this week eh. I couldn't put up any post cos I've been up to a couple of things:

- I Had an exam to prepare for 
- I was working on the set of a music video. 

Have you heard about The Walkervilles? They are an awesome Motown/Rock influenced band from right here in Windsor. We were shooting their debut video for their song 'please baby stay'. Guys, I absolutely love this song! There's something so fun about it that just makes me want to dance. I wouldn't mind going to a little bar somewhere downtown to dance to songs like this all night long. Here's a sneak peek of what the set looked like.

Meet The Bandmates

- I'm dedicating this song to all my recent new followers. Thank you so much! 
- Listen to the song on YouTube here
- For the ultimate listening experience, plug in your headphones.
- Enjoy!

I hope you enjoyed the song as much as I did. Don't forget to share it. Check The Walkervilles on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Stay blessed lovely people!




  1. Wow the set looks so cool. Pretty picture.x

  2. Looking stunning. Hope the exams went well and you get to rest :)

    xoxo Gozika

  3. Really nice. Something about that stage and how you are all standing reminds me of Dream Girls. One of my favorite movies. Hope your exams went well?


  4. You are too cute! you look like Tiwa Savage in that pic!


    1. Really? People have said that before. :)


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