Hi everyone, so today's dedicated to REAL talk.  The bodycon dress is one of the fashion trends that seems to be sticking around for a while!  Probably because they’re so easy to wear and style, and you know, you really get to show off that killer bod. No complaints here!

However, a bodycon dress and a food baby = No bueno, especially if you're having that goooood dinner. But before, you kick the bodycon dress out of your outfit plans hear me out. My favorite thing to do in times like this is throw on a kimono or even a poncho.

Kimonos are light, they’re breezy, they’re super stylish and best of all, they’re very comfortable! They also come in a variety of colors, prints, and lengths. Now that we're transitioning to Fall, Ponchos are a chic option as well- they'll keep you warm, cover up your food baby, and take your outfits to the next level! Throw your kimono/poncho on after dinner or take it off when your food baby subsides more. Simple!


Kim Kardashian is one person who really knows how to rock this trend! This concept has been her style secret throughout this her second pregnancy with husband, Kanye West.

BONUS: Lightweight sleeveless jackets and vest do the same trick too! And of course, this is also a style plus for my curvy ladies out there. Even for anyone out there on the journey of self-love and body confidence and you're a bit apprehensive about bodycon styles, try this trick to ease your way into the trend.

Watch my video on this style hack on my YouTube channel HERE. What style hacks do you know? Please share! If you have any style hack questions, leave them in the comments as well! :)





Hi guys! How's your week going? So I've posted up the look book for this series: How to style pencil skirts. I really wanted to make a video on this topic to show that pencil skirts can be cool & versatile. Although most of the looks in this lookbook are dressy, you'll notice that little details here and there in the construction of the skirts and styling help re-vamp the entire outfit; thereby, creating a refreshing look.

Well, I hope you guys enjoy! Please leave me some feedback and any video ideas you'd like to see! See you in my next post!





Hi guys!
Yes, it's really me. I'm back. Yaay! So... a lot happened during my very infamous hiatus: I finally graduated uni, tried crochet braids, got engaged, and I'm turning 21 next week! Yay me. Okay, so I'm just kidding about the getting engaged part. Lol, sorry.

Nonetheless, I'm happy to be blogging again. I'm coming with a blog series showing you why you should rock pencil skirts more often and exactly how you can do that! And for added bonus, I'm making a video so you can actually see these outfits in motion.

Most times, we associate pencil skirts with just workplace outfits but throw them out for off-duty looks. We're not only going to discuss the popular jersey pencil skirts, but we'll also discuss pairing pencil skirts in unexpected and fun geometric cuts, colors, lengths and textures. I'm super stoked to show you guys what's in stock for you in the upcoming posts.

In this outfit, we're playing with a green monochrome color palette. Instead of wearing the same shade top to bottom, try pairing a lighter and darker shade of the same color. This instantly creates some interest and dimension to the outfit, thus making it less dull and plain.

Another trick to this outfit is the gold snaps on the side of the skirt. You guys have seen this pencil skirt in one of my previous posts. My other favorite thing about it, aside from the bright color, is the gold snaps on the side. These are perfect for that extra spice I'm talking about. You can tone embellishments like this down with neutrals for a daytime appropriate look, or highlight them with other metallic accessories for a night out! 

Also guys, get creative and try some DIYs! Take a trip to the dollar store or your local fabric store, purchase some bling you like, go home and create your very own piece however you like it! You can even try adding some tassels, fringe or feathers to the edges of your skirt, if you like. That's the fun part about DIYs: you truly get to create whatever you want! :)

Top: H&M | Skirt: JCPenney | Sunnies & Jewelry: Aldo | Shoes: Shoedazzle

Thanks for stopping by and I'll see you in my next post!