How To Build A Stylish Closet On A Low Budget + VIDEO

So, guys I know I've been away for a while but I'm back with some important tips and tricks for you guys. This is a long ass post so grab some tea or something. One of the most popular questions I get is how often I shop and how I'm able to afford so many things. Well, today, I will address these questions and more!

You will be surprised at how versatile your closet can be if you follow these simple tips. And of course, I recorded a short video to show you guys a couple of my basic wardrobe essentials. [Watch in HD]

Depending on your definition of 'shop', I really don't make style purchases as often as people think. I acknowledge that I have a huge closet, but it's not because of frequent shopping but because of the way I have built my closet. Let me explain. 

So about 2 years ago, I had this huge amount of stuff sitting in my closet; however, I never found anything to wear. This is a problem that most girls can relate to -right? Well, I got sick of them and I made the decision to change my entire closet, which I have accomplished quite beautifully. 

THE PROBLEM: I had a lot of individual items that didn't go together. They were great individual pieces, but I was never able to match them up properly. Also, the fit on a lot of them was totally off- thanks to my pear body shape.

THE VERDICT: I donated 80% of the items and left only the pieces that I absolutely loved. I built my new closet around these pieces. I also decided never to buy anything with the following issues: odd fit, weird colors for my skin tone, low waist jeans (How I hate those), Black shoes. Yes, I put black shoes as an issue. I hate Black shoes. I have a bunch of them. I never wear them. Don't gift them to me. Thank you.

These were my resolutions for my new closet
1. No Black shoes
2. Buy a shoe in every color (I know!!!)
3. Buy more bold colors
4. Buy more bold prints without Black.
5. Maxi dresses. No shorts. I realized I never wore the shorts I had during the Summer time. I love maxi dresses
6. Stop focusing on size. Focus on fit. (These has helped me A LOT). No matter what, sizing is always different according to brands and location.

These resolutions offered a guideline to creating my dream  versatile closet. Then came the shopping. Back to the note of my huge closet and shopping habits. You guys should know that I am a bargain hunter. I don't do this because I'm trying to be cheap, but because I know that quality is not always equal to cost. First off, most people think that an expensive item will always be better than a less expensive one. This is untrue. Regardless of price, there are numerous variables that affect how you FEEL about your purchase.

Have you ever asked yourself how brands come up with their prices? What's the difference between a pair of $1000 Chanel loafers, $50 Zara flats, and $20 or $10 Ardene sandals? Most people will say quality. Now obviously, you can't compare a Chanel item with something from Ardene. What I am trying to say is you should always find the perfect balance between quality and cost. This is what I do. 

Moving on. I tend to make purchases of sale items in 'bulk'. So to speak. Like I could get 5 pairs of shoes at once vs. buy them individually. How can I afford that many shoes at once? Well, I stalk each item for a while to study the price and buying pattern of consumers. (This is sounding too technical *sigh*). For some reason, when I see an item, I can tell if it will sell out quickly or not. Mastering this is a whole other topic that I won't get into right now.

I filled up my closet with the following basics. You should have at least one item in your closet of each these:

1. White tops. (Peasants tops, white long sleeve button ups-loose, white tees, white tanks)
2. Denim in different washes (Denim shirts, dresses, shorts, jeans)
3. Neutral colored shoes (Nudes, Tans, Whites)
4. A go-to dress for when you don't have time to brainstorm an outfit
5. Statement necklaces with color. Add some glam.
6. An everyday Gold wristwatch

 Hope this was helpful.