Awkward Yellow.

 Top: Suzy Shier// Skirt: Thrifted// Sandals: Ardene// Bag: H&M (Gifted)// Wristwatch: Avon// Necklace: Ghana

Total Outfit Cost: Approx. $42

I apologize for not posting for the past 2 weeks. This was because of my finals, but I'm done now so yaaay!

So today, I decided to share with you guys some really awkward shots (hehehe). There are always shots like these at every shoot, but obviously, I try not to post them. Then I started wondering: why so serious? Why can't I upload awkward pictures of MYSELF on MY blog? No, I will not begin posting weird pictures of myself in each post, but I have decided not to take myself too seriously. 

I visited Detroit for the first time on Saturday, so I just took a couple of pictures with my friend outside the mall we visited, while waiting for the next bus. How did you spend your weekend?




Mix It Up

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Top: Dynamite// Skirt: Urban behavior// Jacket: H&M// Men's Wristwatch: Avon// Clutch: Dollarama// Shoes: Shoedazzle

Total Cost: Approx. $90

I wore this to church yesterday. Recently, I'm being drawn towards neutral colors like nude and black a lot even though Spring is all about bright colors! This outfit is actually quite interesting. I needed a nude top, but I don't have one, so I wore this top backwards. Also, this skirt is actually about 2 sizes bigger than me, so I used a brooch to pin it at the left side. These shoes actually run half a size small, but it was sold out in my size (9) and other larger sizes and I wanted them so much. Can you believe I went ahead and got them in 8.5? To make myself feel better, I got the purple color in my size, which is true to size, thankfully. Interesting right?

Anyway, it looks like here in Windsor, we're having a very nice Winter this Spring! Sigh. The weather is so pathetic right now, but I'm gradually getting into the Spring spirit. What is the weather like where you are now.  Have a lovely week!




eFoxCity Bracelet Review

Online Image

In Person

Bracelet: eFoxCity

Hey guys, remember eFoxCity I wrote about sometime back? I promised you a review whenever I received something from them, so I received this bracelet as a gift, so here is my revew.

Shipping time: Approximately one month.
Quality: Good quality
True to size/Color: The images for this bracelet on their website had two different colors, so I chose this one. However, it turns out that there was only one color, which is actually not really gold-ish. (This review thing is not easy). It's also quite big on my wrist (I can wear it as a necklace too).
Style: 7/10
Would I recommend eFoxCity to a friend: Very Likely.

Remember they also carry evening dresses, wedding dresses, and women's clothing. So you can check the website out. Here are some other nice items I saw:


Enjoy your weekend!




Spring Time

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Spring, Spring, Spring! I'm getting so excited for Spring! Have a safe weekend guys!




100th Post + GIVEAWAY - CLOSED


Yaay! This is my 100th post since this blog was started. I only began to take blogging really seriously somewhere around September last year, so this September will mark its One year anniversary. It's been a great experience so far. So here's a giveaway for you. One lucky reader will have the opportunity to win this bangle by J. Crew. Follow the instructions in the widget below to enter. Giveaway ends April 15th. Comment below to let me know you've entered.





Pattern Play

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Top & Pants: H&M // Shoes: JustFab // Bag: Louis Vuitton (gifted) // Wristwatch: Avon

Total Outfit Cost (minus bag) : Approx.  $69.95

Remember this top from my little Valentine's day outfit idea (last seen here)? I changed it up to make it more appropriate for church and daytime by wearing a black cotton tank top inside to cover up the back. I'm really getting into these loose fitted pants (jogger pants? Is that what they're called?). They're so comfy, and if you get a good material and print, they can also be very stylish.

I'm usually not a fan of sandals of any kind: flats or heels, BUT I'm ABSOLUTELY in LOVE with these sandals! I challenged myself to spend only $50 per month on closet shopping. For someone like me, $50 can buy a whole lot, but I also decided to get staple pieces that would stand out in my closet. So I picked these shoes for my February buy, and I'm so glad I did. It's called "Ankara" by JustFab. Zara had a similar pair sometime last year. You will be seeing these on the blog a whole lot, so brace yourselves. lol

What items are you stocking up on for Spring/Summer?




The Color Purple

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Dress: Light In The Box // Tights & Jewellery: Ardene // Boots: Michael Antonio via BTR // Sunglasses case & Clutch : Dollar Tree

Total Outfit Cost: Approx $42

So I took my tripod out on a spin on Saturday again. I must say I'm quite surprised that the pictures turned out like this. Anyway, I decided to try colorful tights for the first time, but in order not to look too crazy, I paired it with these boots with a similar color. What do you think?

I really love these colors together, they look so rich and kinda ombre-ish? (is that even a word?). I've had this dress for almost a year now and this was actually my second time styling it. The material is so soft and thick, so it kept me warm; I didn't have to put on a jacket! How did you spend your Easter weekend?

IAB is still running. Please send in your answers if you'd like to participate! Check here for more info.