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Bracelet: eFoxCity

Hey guys, remember eFoxCity I wrote about sometime back? I promised you a review whenever I received something from them, so I received this bracelet as a gift, so here is my revew.

Shipping time: Approximately one month.
Quality: Good quality
True to size/Color: The images for this bracelet on their website had two different colors, so I chose this one. However, it turns out that there was only one color, which is actually not really gold-ish. (This review thing is not easy). It's also quite big on my wrist (I can wear it as a necklace too).
Style: 7/10
Would I recommend eFoxCity to a friend: Very Likely.

Remember they also carry evening dresses, wedding dresses, and women's clothing. So you can check the website out. Here are some other nice items I saw:


Enjoy your weekend!



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