Mixing Prints

Hey guys, what's up? It's been a really long time!

My trip to Ghana has finally come to an end and so has my summer break! I guess it's been a fun summer. I learned so many things and now I'm ready to use them to work! I hope you've had a fun time too! Canada, here I come!!! :)

A family friend organized a 'send-off' dinner for me last night and this is what I wore to the dinner!

The dinner was held at a fine Chinese restaurant called 'Dynasty' somewhere in Oxford Street, Osu.

A combination of floral, tribal and African Prints!

The picture quality is not the best sadly. :(

Blouse: Designed by Me. :)

Jeans: Urban Planet

Shoes: Sirens

Clutch: Arts and Crafts, Accra, Ghana.

Necklace: From Ghana

Earrings: From Ghana

Beads: From Ghana

One of the things I got to do this summer is design a lot of outfits! I got to sew a few of them and hopefully, soon enough, I'll begin my Clothing line!

Have a great weekend guys! :)


  1. u look so so lovely am proud to have such a God fearing and lovely friend may God bless you.......................................:)

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