Mixing Prints

Hey guys, what's up? It's been a really long time!

My trip to Ghana has finally come to an end and so has my summer break! I guess it's been a fun summer. I learned so many things and now I'm ready to use them to work! I hope you've had a fun time too! Canada, here I come!!! :)

A family friend organized a 'send-off' dinner for me last night and this is what I wore to the dinner!

The dinner was held at a fine Chinese restaurant called 'Dynasty' somewhere in Oxford Street, Osu.

A combination of floral, tribal and African Prints!

The picture quality is not the best sadly. :(

Blouse: Designed by Me. :)

Jeans: Urban Planet

Shoes: Sirens

Clutch: Arts and Crafts, Accra, Ghana.

Necklace: From Ghana

Earrings: From Ghana

Beads: From Ghana

One of the things I got to do this summer is design a lot of outfits! I got to sew a few of them and hopefully, soon enough, I'll begin my Clothing line!

Have a great weekend guys! :)



Hey guys, I'm continuing with the series, finally!

Make sure you know your correct body shape. find out here

Let me remind you of some of the characteristics of an oval body shape: Your body frame is generally heavy. You have a prominent, low stomach and this is where you will most likely gain most weight. Your have sloped shoulders, you also have chunky thighs, wide hips and large bust.

REMEMBER: There are different versions for every body shape. (fuller and slimmer)

The key to dressing an oval body shape is minimizing the mid-section by 'creating' a waist. Always have this in mind! :)

1.Monochromatic outfits work wonders for this body type. Sticking to the same color on the top and the bottom lengthens and slims down the whole silhouette. Have fun with it by trying different shades of the different colors.

2. If you are on the fuller end, make good use of dark colors (not necessarily black) to create the illusion of a slimmer look.

3. Elongate the upper part of your body. V-necks do this perfectly. Try to go for the perfect fit. NEVER go for tops that are too tight. you can try loose tops but make sure you add a belt to the top to avoid looking baggy. Belts create a slimming effect around the waist therefore, 'creating' a 'visible' waist!

4. Try an empire-waist shirt that draws attention away from the stomach region.

5. Go for dresses with 'A-line' skirts.

6. Use a lot of colorful accessories like statement necklaces, embellishments, earrings and camisoles. These will help to more focus attention on these areas.

7. To make you hips look more in-line with your bust, go for shirts or blouses that stop at the fullest part of your hips!

8. Avoid tapered and tight bottoms like skinnies. If you would like to put on skinnies, your top/blouse should be long and slightly loose to create a slimming effect.

9. Go for boot-cut or wide-legged bottoms. This helps to create a long and lean look.

10. Go for wide necklines and off-the-shoulder blouses and dresses.

11. DON'T wear slim miniskirts, this will make you seems a lot heavier than you really are; wear shirts than are lower than your waist to avoid creating the 'muffin-top'.

12. The best accessories you can possibly have are great and eye-catching pairs of shoes.

If you have any questions or would like to add anything, Please post it in the comment section!! :)

Have a great day! :)

Check out this website to calculate your body shape if you're still not sure.



Hey guys! What's up? Today's post is a very simple yet chic and elegant look! It's nudes with a pop of color.  :)

Did you notice I have earrings on? In case you didn't check again!! :D

Lipstick: Elf ( From the essential line - Fearless) | Earrings: From Ghana | Necklace: From Ghana | Blouse: Urban Planet | Skirt: boohoo.com | Shoes: Urban Planet | Bag: From my mum's closet ;)

So, if you're going for nudes or dark colors make sure you try adding a pop of color to the outfit so it doesn't look boring! :)

Have a wonderful weekend!!