How To Wear Black And White Without Looking Boring

What's up friends? Today, I decided to show you how to wear Black and White without looking plain and boring. Welcome to class. Lol.
Black and White are the go-to colors that would come to mind for a formal event. This is even more true for guys. Lol. For my ladies, however, if you're like me, you will never ever wear a plain White shirt with a plain Black skirt. Ever.

Jacket: Dynamite | Dress: Sirens | Shoes: JustFab 

My #1 tip is color! To add dimension and interest to this outfit, I played around with color. Instead of going for the usual Black, White and Red, I paired a Turquoise snake print sandal with the outfit. I also added a splash of Orange with a belt to define my waistline. I usually like to do a bright red lip color too.

My blazer and dress are of two different materials and prints: Chiffon & Jacquard. This helps to add texture to the look, which makes the outfit look more fun and stylish. So you can mix prints, or pair a bold color with a Black and White print.

However, if you would still like to go for a more minimalist but chic look, you can do a well structured skirt with a different texture than usual (leather pencil skirt, Scuba midi skirt, Black skater midi skirt, high waist wide leg pants, a leather mini skirt). For a blouse, try different sleeve lengths, materials, cuts, etc). 
And the simplest tip of all, it doesn't always have to be White on top, you can turn it around! 

I was a bit iffy about the Orange belt? What do you guys think? Belt or No Belt?





I missed you guys soooooo much! So first things first. I know you're probably wondering what in the world I've been up to. As I said previously, this is my busiest Summer yet; however, I have found myself writing poems in the form of spoken word recently... I know!

It really helps to lift the weight off my chest. gladly. A lot of them center around my personal struggles (obviously) and society's standards. Is any of you into open mic/spoken word? 

On the note of speaking from the heart, I decided to do the popular 'Closet Confidential Tag' on my YouTube. I had a blast recording it. Step by step I'm getting less awkward in front of the camera and personality is shining through. Haha. Editing and uploading was a nightmare but I'm glad I finally got through with it. :) You can click here to watch it bigger on YouTube.

I hope you guys enjoy. See you soon!




BASICS | Denim on Denim

Hello ladies, how's it going? So I was wondering what to share with you guys in this post. As I sit by my beside typing, I just realized that Summer is coming to an end really soon. Honestly, I'm really not a huge fan of Summer. The only thing I love about it is the late and extremely beautiful sunsets. Here, the sun usually sets around 10pm in the peak of Summer. However, I noticed in the past few days that it's starting to get dark around 9:25pm. 

This reminds me of only one thing: SCHOOL! This Summer has been my busiest yet. I usually travel somewhere every Summer, but this year I decided not to travel out of Canada to experience it in its fullest. Ummm, right now, I'm not quite sure how I feel about that decision. LOL. I feel really tired and stressed out. Regardless, I am grateful to God to be alive and talking to you guys today. :)

Top: Urban Planet | Jeans: F21 | Sandals: Boohoo | Necklace: Aldo | Bracelet: Ghana

In the kind of world we live in today, it's really easy to be worried and get stressed out about everything. Everyone works so hard. Working hard isn't enough anymore. You have to work twice as hard to keep up with everything. Two Bible scriptures that really put me in my place when I start to worry are:

Philippians 4: 6-7
"6. Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. 7. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus."


Matthew 6: 26-34
"26 Look at the birds in the air. They don't plant or harvest or store food in barns, but your heavenly Father feeds them. And you know that you are worth much more than the birds. 27 You cannot add any time to your life by worrying about it. 28 "And why do you worry about clothes? Look at how the lilies in the field grow. They don't work or make clothes for themselves. 29 But I tell you that even Solomon with his riches was not dressed as beautifully as one of these flowers.30 God clothes the grass in the field, which is alive today but tomorrow is thrown into the fire. So you can be even more sure that God will clothe you. Don't have so little faith! 31 Don't worry and say, 'What will we eat?' or 'What will we drink?' or 'What will we wear?' 32 The people who don't know God keep trying to get these things, and your Father in heaven knows you need them. 33The thing you should want most is God's kingdom and doing what God wants. Then all these other things you need will be given to you. 34 So don't worry about tomorrow, because tomorrow will have its own worries. Each day has enough trouble of its own."

When ever I read these texts, I am reminded to just have Faith in God, take off the limitations I set on him, and understand that I will receive what I need not because I'm qualified but because of God's mercy and kindness. I hope you feel the same way too. :)




How To Build A Stylish Closet On A Low Budget + VIDEO

So, guys I know I've been away for a while but I'm back with some important tips and tricks for you guys. This is a long ass post so grab some tea or something. One of the most popular questions I get is how often I shop and how I'm able to afford so many things. Well, today, I will address these questions and more!

You will be surprised at how versatile your closet can be if you follow these simple tips. And of course, I recorded a short video to show you guys a couple of my basic wardrobe essentials. [Watch in HD]

Depending on your definition of 'shop', I really don't make style purchases as often as people think. I acknowledge that I have a huge closet, but it's not because of frequent shopping but because of the way I have built my closet. Let me explain. 

So about 2 years ago, I had this huge amount of stuff sitting in my closet; however, I never found anything to wear. This is a problem that most girls can relate to -right? Well, I got sick of them and I made the decision to change my entire closet, which I have accomplished quite beautifully. 

THE PROBLEM: I had a lot of individual items that didn't go together. They were great individual pieces, but I was never able to match them up properly. Also, the fit on a lot of them was totally off- thanks to my pear body shape.

THE VERDICT: I donated 80% of the items and left only the pieces that I absolutely loved. I built my new closet around these pieces. I also decided never to buy anything with the following issues: odd fit, weird colors for my skin tone, low waist jeans (How I hate those), Black shoes. Yes, I put black shoes as an issue. I hate Black shoes. I have a bunch of them. I never wear them. Don't gift them to me. Thank you.

These were my resolutions for my new closet
1. No Black shoes
2. Buy a shoe in every color (I know!!!)
3. Buy more bold colors
4. Buy more bold prints without Black.
5. Maxi dresses. No shorts. I realized I never wore the shorts I had during the Summer time. I love maxi dresses
6. Stop focusing on size. Focus on fit. (These has helped me A LOT). No matter what, sizing is always different according to brands and location.

These resolutions offered a guideline to creating my dream  versatile closet. Then came the shopping. Back to the note of my huge closet and shopping habits. You guys should know that I am a bargain hunter. I don't do this because I'm trying to be cheap, but because I know that quality is not always equal to cost. First off, most people think that an expensive item will always be better than a less expensive one. This is untrue. Regardless of price, there are numerous variables that affect how you FEEL about your purchase.

Have you ever asked yourself how brands come up with their prices? What's the difference between a pair of $1000 Chanel loafers, $50 Zara flats, and $20 or $10 Ardene sandals? Most people will say quality. Now obviously, you can't compare a Chanel item with something from Ardene. What I am trying to say is you should always find the perfect balance between quality and cost. This is what I do. 

Moving on. I tend to make purchases of sale items in 'bulk'. So to speak. Like I could get 5 pairs of shoes at once vs. buy them individually. How can I afford that many shoes at once? Well, I stalk each item for a while to study the price and buying pattern of consumers. (This is sounding too technical *sigh*). For some reason, when I see an item, I can tell if it will sell out quickly or not. Mastering this is a whole other topic that I won't get into right now.

I filled up my closet with the following basics. You should have at least one item in your closet of each these:

1. White tops. (Peasants tops, white long sleeve button ups-loose, white tees, white tanks)
2. Denim in different washes (Denim shirts, dresses, shorts, jeans)
3. Neutral colored shoes (Nudes, Tans, Whites)
4. A go-to dress for when you don't have time to brainstorm an outfit
5. Statement necklaces with color. Add some glam.
6. An everyday Gold wristwatch

 Hope this was helpful.





Jacket: Value Village | Top: Urban Planet | Skirt: Ghana | Purse: Gifted | Shoes: Shoedazzle (Kanaka) | Earrings: Ardene

Hello beautiful people! Welcome back to my blog! Yay! So I wore this outfit to church on Sunday. Some of you may remember this top from my Valentine's day lookbook video. The back of it is a see-through lace material, but to make it more appropriate for church, I slipped on a white chiffon cami underneath it. I was really looking to experiment with White, which is one of my favorite colors to wear because it's just so fresh and simple.

You know, initially, the idea of purchasing White shoes seemed impossible to me because I thought they would end up looking tacky and cheap on my feet. I can tell you that I was pleasantly surprised with these ones from Shoedazzle. I showed them in my Spring Haul Video and on My instagram. They're off-white and super comfortable. Far from cheap/tacky. 

Thank you so much for your support on my YouTube channel. I'm at 103 subscribers after 5 videos since I launched it! It's a grain of sand compared to many other channels, but it's only a start and I'm grateful. Please give suggestions for improvements on my videos and content. Thanks to my friend & photographer Kodjo, for taking these pictures.





Hi guys! I just uploaded my very first Haul video! Yaaay! I was so nervous about it. I tend to ramble a lot when I get nervous especially when I know my actions will be visible to the public. Lol. I am trying to keep my videos to a 5 min max. time length. However, you know how shopping can be so exciting, so haul videos are usually a tad bit longer.

I'm showing you guys mostly shoes (duh! LOL), which I purchased from JustFab, Shoedazzle, Ardene, and so on over time. This time I have links to ALL the items, so you can shop them online too! I hope you enjoy! Please leave some suggestions for what you'd like me to film in the comments. 

For example: 5 ways to wear a skater skirt or White long sleeve button up, and stuff  like that. Most importantly, please join my cute little YouTube community to be among the first to watch the videos and get the items. :) I love you all. Thanks to those who have been supportive so far. :D





I Am Beautiful - Brenda

 1. What is your Name?  
Brenda G Chuinkam

2. What is your Nationality and Where do you currently live? 
I am a Cameroonian living in Canada

3. Which age group do you belong to? 0-17, 18-25, 26-40, 40 and above. 
I'm in the 18-25 age group (YAYY!)

4. Describe your personal style. 
My style is color meets print meets curves! Haha I like to show my curves off without being overly sexual. I also love trendy pieces that are versatile.
5. What makes you feel beautiful? 
To be honest, lots of things make me feel beautiful-a well-fitted dress, a certain "look" from a guy that instantly lets you know they're interested, an honest complement, a good workout...those are the ones that come to mind immediately.

6. What do you think of the current issues concerning body image and race?  
I think our society has turned into a "bashing" and "who can bring you down the most" fest. People have found courage behind anonymity behind their keyboards and focus too much on what they think are other people's flaws. People are so narrow-minded when it comes to images of beauty and what they think is beautiful to the point where a girl like Jennifer Lawrence is considered thick and Mindy Kaling is considered plus sized? I can relate to so many young women out there when it comes to body image  issues-having been made fun of because of my thick legs and thicker frame. When it comes to race, that's a whole other  story but what I will say is this- as a black person in North America, you CANNOT do mediocre and expect anything PERIOD. You have to work 10 times as hard to get 1/10th the recognition others may get.
  7. Do you think the media has had a negative or positive influence on these issues? Why? 
Media has had both a negative and positive influence but the negative has overcome the positive influences. The constant shoving down our throats of "beautiful" celebs and lack of coverage on curvier/more normal celebs as well as the free bashing of everyone on sites like TMZ are just examples, in my opinion, of the negative influence.

 8. What do you think of the current fashion industry and trends?
I think the fashion industry gets confused at times and no one should follow trends to the T because you're going to wake up one day thinking that it's okay to wear a hat with a shoe in it to a job interview for  a law firm, haha. Trends should be worn according to how they simulate with your personal style (in my humble opinion).

9. What advice would you like to give? 
All I will say is: life is short, try new foods, try new styles of clothes, travel when and where you can and save a little. Also, listen to your parents' advise, bearing in mind that they have lived their lives, now you go live yours!

10. Share a fun fact about you.
 I could probably fix your TV for you if it's currently not working, Lol.    XOXO
Well spoken Brenda. I couldn't agree with you more! One thing I like that you mentioned is following trends religiously. It's important to consider your personal style and body type first before diving in. 

 I'm sure many of you recognize Brenda of Can Never Be a Skinny Bish. Thank you Brenda for taking the time out to answer these questions. Check out Brenda's Fashion Blog HERE.

Chip in your views. Until next time, remain blessed!




Casual Friday: Yellow And Blue

Aaahhhh! Guess who's back?! Me! Duh! Haha. How have you been? I missed all of you oh so very much! School is over... Finals are done... So I'm back! It was so difficult for me to stay away from the blog. I kept checking back every single day. Actually, I was quite surprised that my page views didn't drastically go down the drain. Thank you for standing by and waiting for my return. And thanks to those of you who joined #KalackNation during our break. I see you. :) I have so much to tell you so keep scrolling for more. ^_^

Even though my blog was on break, I was still relatively active in building my YouTube channel. Over the years I have received many requests to start a YouTube channel. I finally gave it some thought and decided to begin my YouTube journey. So far, I must say it's been quite interesting. Filming the videos is always fun; although there are stressful times like when, unknown to me, my camera suddenly goes off while I'm recording. Fun times. Have you visited my channel? You should. :D I'm still experimenting right now with it. As you may have noticed, I have used different editing styles, locations (all in my room), lighting and stuff like that. I am trying all these things to find the best setting for filming. Speaking about filming, I am currently working on 3 video projects for you guys: Spring look-book (even though it's still cold here), 50 Random Facts, and my Shoe collection! You should subscribe HERE to be a part of my journey. :)

 Top: Suzy Shier | Shorts: DIY | Shoes: UrbanOg | Poncho/Kimono: Ardene | Clutch: Itunu

Now, unto today's outfit. One thing you should know is I never wear short shorts. NEVER. So now you're wondering, what exactly are you wearing in these pics then? Well, I'm wearing short shorts. The thing is my legs are one of the parts of my body that I'm very conscious about. However, I have become more confident in my body. I mean these are MY legs. I can't hate my legs. They are part of my body. These are the legs God has given to me and they are 'stuck' with me, so to speak. Too many times, we waste time wishing we could change things about us that are really perfect just the way they are. There's this saying that 'life changes when your mind changes' and that is the reason for me wearing these shorts today.

Lately, I've been feeling like I need a splash of color all over me. I was initially going to pair a White tee with this outfit, but I decided to go for this bright Yellow top (last worn HERE) to satisfy my color hunger. I wore this during my visit to Itunu's home with a fresh face. When I walked into her room, I saw this pretty coral crossbody bag. I never wear them, but I loved it so much and I told her: Yo, I'm stealing this bag. It worked perfectly with the look. A big fat thank you to Itunu for taking these lovely pics. :D

What is one body image issue you have been able to overcome? Let me know. I'll see you in my next post. Till then, remain blessed and safe. :)