Casual Friday: Yellow And Blue

Aaahhhh! Guess who's back?! Me! Duh! Haha. How have you been? I missed all of you oh so very much! School is over... Finals are done... So I'm back! It was so difficult for me to stay away from the blog. I kept checking back every single day. Actually, I was quite surprised that my page views didn't drastically go down the drain. Thank you for standing by and waiting for my return. And thanks to those of you who joined #KalackNation during our break. I see you. :) I have so much to tell you so keep scrolling for more. ^_^

Even though my blog was on break, I was still relatively active in building my YouTube channel. Over the years I have received many requests to start a YouTube channel. I finally gave it some thought and decided to begin my YouTube journey. So far, I must say it's been quite interesting. Filming the videos is always fun; although there are stressful times like when, unknown to me, my camera suddenly goes off while I'm recording. Fun times. Have you visited my channel? You should. :D I'm still experimenting right now with it. As you may have noticed, I have used different editing styles, locations (all in my room), lighting and stuff like that. I am trying all these things to find the best setting for filming. Speaking about filming, I am currently working on 3 video projects for you guys: Spring look-book (even though it's still cold here), 50 Random Facts, and my Shoe collection! You should subscribe HERE to be a part of my journey. :)

 Top: Suzy Shier | Shorts: DIY | Shoes: UrbanOg | Poncho/Kimono: Ardene | Clutch: Itunu

Now, unto today's outfit. One thing you should know is I never wear short shorts. NEVER. So now you're wondering, what exactly are you wearing in these pics then? Well, I'm wearing short shorts. The thing is my legs are one of the parts of my body that I'm very conscious about. However, I have become more confident in my body. I mean these are MY legs. I can't hate my legs. They are part of my body. These are the legs God has given to me and they are 'stuck' with me, so to speak. Too many times, we waste time wishing we could change things about us that are really perfect just the way they are. There's this saying that 'life changes when your mind changes' and that is the reason for me wearing these shorts today.

Lately, I've been feeling like I need a splash of color all over me. I was initially going to pair a White tee with this outfit, but I decided to go for this bright Yellow top (last worn HERE) to satisfy my color hunger. I wore this during my visit to Itunu's home with a fresh face. When I walked into her room, I saw this pretty coral crossbody bag. I never wear them, but I loved it so much and I told her: Yo, I'm stealing this bag. It worked perfectly with the look. A big fat thank you to Itunu for taking these lovely pics. :D

What is one body image issue you have been able to overcome? Let me know. I'll see you in my next post. Till then, remain blessed and safe. :)




  1. to cute, love that poncho!!!

  2. Wow thank God you are back and I love your new layout. I also had to be confident about my legs and my full lips, they are all from the almighty and I just had to love them

    1. Awww thanks a lot! Yes, He's made us perfect in his eyes. :D

  3. Hey! sweety, this is absolutely cute and adorable. I love it Good to see you again blogging and thanks for stopping by on my last post. I'm sure you'll find that white blazer ;)


  4. This is such a cute outfit, comfy and relaxing. I love it. Welcome back!! and thanks for visiting my page. I'm sure you'll find that white blazer.


  5. Glad you are Back! Cool outfit! Watched the video yesterday. Itunu and yourself were having just too much Fun! (we still think you cheated) lol

    My butt, must be from the straight back tribe! I Finally grew one and there's Nothing wrong with your Legs! Most girls would Love to have a pair like yours!

    Thanks Kike and Have a Fantastic Day! =D

  6. Your legs are lovely babe. I used to have really really bow legs as a kid so right now, I am thankful they straightened out. Yellow looks so good on you and I love the fresh faced look.


  7. I love all these colors you've paired together. They all compliment each other beautifully and look amazing


  8. Love it Kike! Especially the Kimono.. Your legs are stunning so glad you've embraced them. Show more legs!!

    I blog here:

  9. Love the outfit, Blue and Yellow, kind of remain me of my island flag Barbados :)

  10. I adore this outfit! These colors look so great on you!

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    Style Honestly


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