I Am Beautiful - Brenda

 1. What is your Name?  
Brenda G Chuinkam

2. What is your Nationality and Where do you currently live? 
I am a Cameroonian living in Canada

3. Which age group do you belong to? 0-17, 18-25, 26-40, 40 and above. 
I'm in the 18-25 age group (YAYY!)

4. Describe your personal style. 
My style is color meets print meets curves! Haha I like to show my curves off without being overly sexual. I also love trendy pieces that are versatile.
5. What makes you feel beautiful? 
To be honest, lots of things make me feel beautiful-a well-fitted dress, a certain "look" from a guy that instantly lets you know they're interested, an honest complement, a good workout...those are the ones that come to mind immediately.

6. What do you think of the current issues concerning body image and race?  
I think our society has turned into a "bashing" and "who can bring you down the most" fest. People have found courage behind anonymity behind their keyboards and focus too much on what they think are other people's flaws. People are so narrow-minded when it comes to images of beauty and what they think is beautiful to the point where a girl like Jennifer Lawrence is considered thick and Mindy Kaling is considered plus sized? I can relate to so many young women out there when it comes to body image  issues-having been made fun of because of my thick legs and thicker frame. When it comes to race, that's a whole other  story but what I will say is this- as a black person in North America, you CANNOT do mediocre and expect anything PERIOD. You have to work 10 times as hard to get 1/10th the recognition others may get.
  7. Do you think the media has had a negative or positive influence on these issues? Why? 
Media has had both a negative and positive influence but the negative has overcome the positive influences. The constant shoving down our throats of "beautiful" celebs and lack of coverage on curvier/more normal celebs as well as the free bashing of everyone on sites like TMZ are just examples, in my opinion, of the negative influence.

 8. What do you think of the current fashion industry and trends?
I think the fashion industry gets confused at times and no one should follow trends to the T because you're going to wake up one day thinking that it's okay to wear a hat with a shoe in it to a job interview for  a law firm, haha. Trends should be worn according to how they simulate with your personal style (in my humble opinion).

9. What advice would you like to give? 
All I will say is: life is short, try new foods, try new styles of clothes, travel when and where you can and save a little. Also, listen to your parents' advise, bearing in mind that they have lived their lives, now you go live yours!

10. Share a fun fact about you.
 I could probably fix your TV for you if it's currently not working, Lol.    XOXO
Well spoken Brenda. I couldn't agree with you more! One thing I like that you mentioned is following trends religiously. It's important to consider your personal style and body type first before diving in. 

 I'm sure many of you recognize Brenda of Can Never Be a Skinny Bish. Thank you Brenda for taking the time out to answer these questions. Check out Brenda's Fashion Blog HERE.

Chip in your views. Until next time, remain blessed!




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