Vintage Gold Necklace

Hey you, thanks for reading (not everyone does). How's it going? How gorgeous is this necklace? Ever since it was sent to me by eFoxcity (affordable and fashionable clothing and accessories), I've been wearing it almost every single day! I mean... it goes with almost anything, and it's very lightweight so it's not my fault. :p     I love it so much!

However, after wearing it a couple of times, I noticed the golden color on the chain started to fade off. I know it's not an actual Gold necklace, but I was a bit disappointed by how quickly it lost its color. Other than this, it's perfect! When I put it on now, I make sure the neckline of my blouse/dress covers the chain, then I'm good to go.

What do you think? Would you buy a piece of jewellery even tough you knew it would start to fade/wash off eventually? 




Sequins And Stones + Blog Collab

Sales have been crazy of late. The other day, I randomly walked into a Forever21 store to pick up only a couple of pairs of jeans. Then I started walking around and found myself in the sale section of the store. Then I looked up, guess what I saw? Additional 50% off all sale items! Just imagine how I felt. Automatically, like I always do in the sale sections at every store, I went to the beginning of the rack and started scanning the items from top to bottom! I ended up pulling out over 20 items of all sorts. This blouse was one of the items I picked. I'm beginning to like sequins a lot these days. I wonder how long this will last. Are you a fan of sequins?

Blouse: Forever21 | Dress worn as Skirt: H&M | Necklace: Mandee Boutique | Bangles: Suzy Shier | Belt: Urban Planet | Shoes: MakeMeChic

Total Outfit Cost: Approx. $52.

A couple of lovely Canadian Style Bloggers and I decided to to a collab on our favorite Summer trends. I'm probably the last to put up my section, but it's never too late! Check out these other blogs to see the other trends featured: 

Brenda (Can Never Be A Skinny Bish) - Breakfast At Tiffany's... Or Denny's
Viviene (Lavivientann) - Holographic Trend
Ona Odum (The Simple Sophisticate) - Monochrome/Sequin
Amba (Sh3is) - Black And White Trend
Yvonne Ben (The Kaleidoscopian) - Bright Colors & Monochrome 

Thanks for reading, and don't forget to leave a comment: What do you think of sequins? Thanks to my mum, once again, for these shots!




Covered In Denim

Denim Blouse + Denim Skinnies: Forever 21 | Shoes: GoJane | Necklace: Mandee Boutique (NYC) | Wristwatch: Avon's Men | Bag: Louis Vuitton  

Total Outfit Cost: Approx: $63.80

Today, for the first time this month, I was able to shoot some blog pictures! Thanks to my mum for taking these. These days, I'm really loving casual classic laid back, but statement wardrobe pieces. It's always about comfort anytime I get dressed. Do you remember this other post where I told you I was finding it difficult to get a pair of jeans that fits well? Well, I'm not looking anymore. I got these skinnies for just $7.80 from Forever 21 and they fit like a dream! I was so excited when I tried them in the changing room. They are so comfortable, I could even sleep in them!

Also, while strolling on Broadway Street in NY, I found this boutique called 'Mandee' where I bought several huge statement necklaces. You know I rarely put on earrings, so I love my necklaces! If you're in the NY area, you should definitely check their store out! They have so many trendy and gorgeous pieces.

Which piece do you love more: Earrings or Necklaces + Which brand makes your favourite pair of jeans? 




New Things

        Black and Gold Studded booties: Dolce Vita | Red & Green Sandals: Go Jane | Black and Gold Sandals: MakeMeChic

 So, it's my birthday today. I'm currently vacationing in my lovely hotel in NYC. I decided to do some shopping just because... My actual birthday present to myself are those Black and Gold studded booties by Dolce Vita. You guys know I love a good bargain. These booties originally cost about $220; however, I managed to snag them up for $48.60! I love them and can't wait to rock them in the Fall.

I also got those Red and Green ones because they're similar to the Steve Madden Marelene ones that I've been stalking for months now, but the prices have refused to go down. So I got these from GoJane online for less than half of the Steve Madden price. The Black and Gold ones are also similar to another designer pair, but I can't remember which designer. I saw then first on an instagram picture and fell in love.

Which pair do you like most? What did you get yourself on your birthday?




Giveaway Winner + Post Preview

I'm currently on a little vacation hence the hiatus on the blog! This is a preview of an upcoming post! Hope you're enjoying your summer break!

Giveaway Winner: Ona Odum!!!

Congrats Ona! I will send you an email shortly, and you should reply within 2 days; otherwise, a new winner will be chosen. I hope you enjoy this lovely clutch!! Thank you all for entering. There will be more giveaways coming up in the future, so stay tuned because there'll be something for everyone.