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OK.. I will stop blabbing now! (FYI: no one contacted me to 'advertise' this)

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Have fun!!

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Is That A Shoe?

Hello guys! 

 How are you all doing? So I was browsing around and came across some interesting shoes. 

Do you think they are hot, unique, artistic or maybe just the world's weirdest shoes? 

So, I ask you the question 'would you be caught in any if these?'  

OK so lets begin!!! :D Embrace yourselves... 

looks like nicki minaj designed this..
reminds me of titanic for some weird reason..

i actually love this :D

I found the Porcupine!!

This is just punishment!!!

What is this supposed to be?

OK why?

errrr.. horse shoes? NO!!

what can i say? Not too bad

looks like GaGa

OK... really?



do not walk on tiles with these!!


i love this too :D

another punishment




Another lady Gaga/Titanic shoe..

these shoes are everywhere now!!


looks like a trolley, a building and a wheel chair together to me.

Thanks for stopping by.. If you see anymore shoes like these, please post a link in the comments! I will be glad to see them.. :D

Have a lovely weekend!! :*
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Hello people!! Its been so long! I'm finally done with the semester and I hope to spend a lot more time here!

 I will be discussing all things foundation (make up) as there are a lot of  issues with this topic. :D

Just in case, Foundation is normally the base of facial makeup (excluding primer and moisturizer ). 

1.  As the base of our makeup, we MUST and SHOULD endeavor to get and make the best out of it. A lot of ladies don't use the right foundation for their skin color. This can be very embarrassing! Some people choose shades lighter than their natural skin color and others choose shades way darker than their natural skin color. Either way, the idea is not to look like any of these:  

Yeah.... We don't want to look like clowns! 
So what would be the solution for this? When getting a foundation for the first time (or if you are like any of these ladies), go to the store yourself and get a sample of the foundation tested on you. Make sure this is done under very bright light, in fact when the assistant is done, get up and go outside into the open with a mirror to make sure the shade is perfect! seriously! (Do you want to look great or not?) Now that's the most important thing!

2.  Foundation comes in different types. There is liquid, mousse and cream). People have different preference and I use liquid. The liquid either or does not have oil in it. People with sensitive and oily skin should definitely use the oil-free one, in fact oil-free makeup in general because its better for the skin. (Check out Maybelline SuperStay foundation) .

3.  A little trick: If you fall into the situation of not having your correct foundation shade, here's something you can do. You can get two different shades one lighter than your skin color and the other one darker. Mix these two together on your palm and voila! You have a shade good enough for you. This is only acceptable in this kind of EMERGENCY (yes, EMERGENCY!) lol.. If this doesn't work for, you then.. umm just stick to using only powder.

3. Another trick to make your makeup application less stressful! Trying mixing your foundation with a tinted moisturizer! It makes it easier and it help to reduce the number of layers of makeup! I encourage everyone to get tinted moisturizer with SPF20 and above. A lot of dark-skinned people don't think its really important to use products with SPF. But trust me it is, you know how when its hot like around summer time, the skin gets darker because of all the sun everywhere, try using SPF and note the difference. your skin will not get as dark, well, depending on the amount of SPF you use! 

For more information please visit: My website (it was for a course... lol) 

This has been a very long post, lol.. I know! I had to cut it short! I really hope you gained something out of this. If there is anything you would like for me to discuss concerning foundation, please let me know!!  

                                                  Thank you!!!!
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