Heelllloooo.. again!

OK. I just realized I have a lot of ideas but... I don't have the clothes to show them.. LOL.. yeah.. but I'm alive. So, I'm going to post pictures of outfits I created online. :D Enjoy!!

OH! and this time, Bags and jewelry are included. LOL

1. Color blocking

2. Soft Color blocking

3. Black on Black - inspired by Kim Kardashian
 4. Black, white and red! - very Edgy look
5. Casual bright
  6.  From Work to night out.
 6. YV color blocking.. by the lovely Yvonne Nelson

So those are the ones I've done so far. I will add some more so, you can check back :) Which outfit do you like best? Please let me know in the comments! 

Also please feel free to make suggestions and give constructive criticism . I want to learn from you!

Stay safe. xx

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Helllooooooo guys, its been ages. I hope everyone is doing fine!

I will be posting pictures today about the different ways to wear a blazer, DRESSED DOWN. When you are looking for an outfit, depending on where you are going, you can use a blazer to either step up an already fabulous outfit or to step up a casual outfit ( for example: to class) a little bit. I'm working with the same boot and blazer , mostly.


This first look is for stepping up an extremely casual outfit. You can put this on when going to class, to the mall or to anywhere you want to look good but not overdressed. Obviously, this outfit also takes into consideration the cold weather so that you don't freeze into an ice cream because of fashion. lol.. Anywaiz, here we go:

You can go for a dark look by adding a black knee length jacket to make the color of the boots 'pop'.

sweater dress, suzy shier blazer, ardene tights and aldo boots

Without the blazer.. This is just a sweater dress with two tights ( one opaque and one transparent.. )






OK. This outfit I LOVE because its an an extremely girly dress I turned into something more wearable by me ( I don't really like things that are too girly).

 This is what the dress looks like without the Blazer. I love the back silver zip detailing but its just too pink and girly for me.. lol..
suzy shier dress

 Here is the front view of it.

So that's it for this dress.. lol.. I would appreciate it if you guys could help me out.. like show me different ways to wear this dress without feeling sick!


Outfit without blazer: 

InItial dress

 woot! woot! lol! OK so here it is with the blazer ( I definitely need another camera )
 I love this bandage dress and the gold detailing...

I'm sure you would have noticed by now that, I don't put on jewelry and I don't do any outfits with bags. That's a part of me that I need to seriously work on!


H&M blazer, urban planet blouse & jeans

Thanks for stopping by guys.. Have a great weekend. :D

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