Hey guys.. How are you doing? I know its been long since the last outfit post but, here is one!!

Wear to: Church, Graduation,Work.

Total price of this outfit is approximately $50!! Can you believe that? Here is another outfit with this skirt. I hope you like it! Enjoy :D

ALDO necklace

Ardene top

Shoes from SIRENS on sale for $15!

That was A LOT of pictures. I know.. LOL
What did you guys think? Where else do you think this outfit can be rocked?
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Hey guys, 

This is the beginning of the series for dressing for your body shape. I will be starting with the PEAR BODY SHAPE. 

I have decided to make the series posts instead of pages :)


  1. You are smaller on the top
  2. You have a very clearly defined waist
  3. When you gain weight, it normally accumulates first and fast on your lower half.
People like to dress up differently. I'm pear-shaped. I don't really care about balancing my upper half with my lower half. In fact, sometimes, I like to show off the difference. There are people who would feel like they need to balance it up and others who love to show it all off. Depending on where you stand, you can take out the important points from here. :)

  1. Go for dresses and tops with shoulder details. For example: Wear Jackets/Blazers with shoulder pads. NOT the ones with extravagantly huge shoulder pads. Just enough to balance out your shoulders with your hips.
  2. If you are to wear stripped clothes, go for vertical stripes instead of horizontal stripes. Horizontal stripes will make you look bigger and wider.
  3. Go for boot cut or low waist pants. You can try wide leg trousers too!
  4. Put on DARK colors on your lower half. Dark colors give the illusion of slimness. If you like to accentuate your shape, then, this may not be of concern to you!
  5. Wear tiny belts on blouses to accentuate your tiny waist.
  6. Wear ruffles  also, to balance out your body.
  7. Go for shorts that stop right above your knees.
  8. Wear a lot of 'A-line/shape' dresses or skirts. This will balance out your hips. If you don't like 'A-line', you can go for gathers. For gathers, it should be from the smallest part of your waist.
  9. Wear strapless dresses preferably with nipped in waist and flare skirt. This is look very beautiful on you and compliment your figure (I will make an outfit post for this point to show you how it will come out)
  10. Your blazers should cut above your hips. Check this one out.
  11. Wear bright colors and bold patterns on upper half.
  12. Wear prom-shaped dresses. This will help to balance your hips
  13. You accessories belong on top. Wear a lot of accessories around your neck area
  14. You should have at least one wrap with an open neck dress in your closet!
  15. Tops should be fitted on you not baggy
  16. Basically, look for clothes that flatter you stomach, arms and waist.
  17. For shoes, wear a lot of wedges. They will help to keep you balanced. Also, go for pumps with thick heels. I personally think, pear-shapes look better in heels.
  18. Feel free to wear ankle boots.
Show off arms, accentuate waist with belt,a skirt with gathers to balance out the hips!
Bright colored tops + dark colored bottom. Blazer just above your hips.


  1.  Avoid bright colors on your lower half. Even if you want to go against this, balance the bright color below with an even brighter top or with a dark colored blazer.
  2. Avoid big pockets especially back pockets. Also avoid pockets with detailing. This will many your back side look bigger.
  3. Don't be too much of a skinnies freak. Skinnies will over emphasize your heavy bottom especially your hips. But, if that's what you want, why not? Just don't do bright skinnies, please!
  4. If you're short, DON'T wear 3/4 length dresses, skirt or pants. They will make you look short and round!!
  5. Try as much as possible to not wear dresses, skirts or pants that stop right below your knee.
  6. Don't wear pants that settle above your waist
  7. Try to avoid boots that end mid-calf. They will make your calf look huge and if it's quite tight, it will cause you skin to squeeze out of the boot.

balance out bright colors with a dark blazer, jewelery in the neck region
 Now, when you go shopping, have these little things in mind. When you do, you'll notice a big difference in your looks and you'll feel even more confident in yourself.

Please,  share this with your friends and families you think will benefit from this. 

Thanks for stopping by and , enjoy the rest of the week :)

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Hello, hope you're doing awesome!!!

Today's outfit is an 70's inspired one. Featuring a high waist flare pant with 'box' pockets in front and a simple button-up long sleeve shirt.

When I was getting these pants, I was very skeptical about the color. I have never had to dress up 'burgundy' color! I knew I had to challenge myself. So, if you have a piece of clothing with this color, I hope you'll find inspiration somewhere in the outfit! :)




back view



 What do you think of the colors, Yay or Nay? Feel free to criticize or whatever :)

Hope you guys enjoyed today's outfit post. Please leave you comments, questions or suggestions in the comment box below!

Thanks for stopping by and have an awesome week ahead! <3 :)

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