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I will be discussing the different types of female body shapes. I'm sure at least once you've come across a situation where you and a friend got an outfit that is either the same or very similar but it looks very good on one of you but not so much on the other person. This is because as girls, we are built very beautifully and we have very unique features individually that make us stand out. What may look very good on me, may look bad on you. So it's very important to know your body type to make sure you're always looking good. 

I'm going to name the different body types and their characteristics so that you can identify what category you belong to and follow-up on the posts.

NOTE: There are slimmer and fuller versions of the shapes. :)

1. Pear body shape: This is the category I belong to. If your lower body measurements are generally bigger/wider than the top you have a pear-body shape. Generally, you have a slimmer upper body half, you have a clearly defined waist and full thighs. Your shoulders are narrow. From your waist downwards, your body grows wider. When you gain weight, it's mostly visible and distributed in your thighs, hips and bottom. You also gain weight quickly in these areas before gaining on your stomach or arms. For clothing sizes, you wear a smaller size on your upper half and a bigger size for the bottom half.

A celeb with this shape: Rihanna

2. Hour glass shape: Your body shape is basically like an hourglass, hence, the name. The measurements of your bust and hips are the same or almost the same. You have a well-defined short waist. When you gain weight, it is evenly distributed all over your body. your shoulders are in line with your hips.

A celeb with this shape: Beyonce

3. Oval/Apple Shape: Your body frame is generally heavy. You have a prominent, low stomach and this is where you will most likely gain most weight. Your have sloped shoulders, you also have chunky thighs, wide hips and large bust.

A celeb with this shape: Jennifer Hudson

4. Rectangle Shape: You have slight curves and your waist is not clearly defined. You may have small to medium-sized bust. When you gain weight, it will be distributed mainly around your waist (not stomach) first.

A celeb with this shape: Gwyneth Paltrow

5. Inverted Triangle/Wedge shape: Your shoulders are wider than your hips and you may have a flat bottom, narrow hips and an athletic body with a full chest. When you gain weight, it normally would be noticed in your arms and chest.

A celeb with this shape: Demi Moore

These are the main and distinct shapes. Some people fall in between so, don't worry if you think you didn't find your category. Here's a picture with some of the shapes side by side so that you can compare.

If you are still not sure or you have any questions, please post them in the comments section below and I'll be more than happy to help you out as much as I can. 

Remember there is no 'ideal' body shape. So don't feel bad about your body. Just try to embrace it and do your best to dress it up nicely. OK?

Have fun figuring it all out. You can ask a friend to help you out with the measurements so that you're certain.

Thanks for your time and have fun!!! :)

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