Hello, This is the continuation of the first part right here! :)
  1. A statement necklace/ statement jewelry: Adding statement pieces to outfits can take an outfit from basic to glam in seconds! I would recommend the necklace more but the choice  is all yours! Get from Aldo or forever21
  2. An emergency unique dress: I like to call it that because, it is acts as a life-saver. On days when you just can't put yourself together to create an outfit, you know that this dress is there to save you. This dress show fit your body perfectly in all aspects. Because, its all year round, this dress should preferably be above knee length so that you can wear it in summer and throw some tights on for cold weather.
  3. A head band with a cute bow: This will help A LOT on bad hair days or days where you don't have enough time. Just pull your hair back and place this around your head and pull your hair into a high bun and you're set!
  4. Red Lipstick: No matter the weather, once in a while you will feel the need to let your face do the presenting. Whether you're going glam with red lips in an evening gown, or casual in any other outfit, red lips will always make a statement. This will be your stress-free instant glam + boldness. Get from well.ca or Elf cosmetics
  5. Finally, a mint gum: This or any favorite gum of yours. I'll just say, everyone needs to have fresh breath at every moment that they'll be in contact with people in their life.LOL
That was it! I hope you enjoyed the series! Just in case, the part one is  right here! Please don't forget to check it out so you have the complete list! :)

Thank you and have an awesome weekend!

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