Hello guys! Hope you all had a wonderful Sunday.

This is the second look for my casual series worth approximately $100 from head to toe!

ONE WAY TO STEP UP YOUR OUTFIT: You can step up your outfit in a second by adding a statement blazer to it. I recommend a brightly colored blazer with little statement designs on it or even just a plain one will do! You can add a blazer to almost any outfit. For example: a dress, jeans and top, pants, shorts.. whatever!! If you feel your outfit is lacking anything just try this and you'll see a great difference.

That's the concept behind this particular outfit! I absolutely love this Blazer!!

H&M blazer, Suzy Shier blouse, Urban Planet jeans and wedges.

Suzy shier Bag
Back view

Have a great week ahead! Challenge yourself to do something new or different everyday and don't let anything hold you back.

God bless!!

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