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Today's post will be about must-have pieces of clothing (mostly) to have all year round. These pieces are supposed to be life-savers for days when you need a little extra something. LOL!

  1. The number one for me will have to a pair of nude shoes: Nude is like the new black. Back in the day, black was the color that you could match up with anything. Now, we have nude to lift some of the burden from black! Yaay!! It doesn't matter if they are wedges, heels, flats, sandals or even boots. Well, Boots will be for either Fall, winter or Spring (maybe). I would recommend not wearing heels/wedges in areas where it snows heavily! You can get some nude shoes from urban-planet or urbanog.com or anywhere else you get your shoes from.
  2. A pair of go-to dark-wash jeans/jeggings/shorts: Preferably skinnies. I chose skinnies to be the winner because of its versatility. If boots are involved, you can easily tuck them in and skinnies look good with either high heels, wedges or even flats. It's just very versatile! I also chose a dark color because, dark colors give you the illusion of a slimmer frame and they also make an outfit look more sophisticated! You may want to put on jeggings if you feel the need for more comfort. You can get some from urbanog.com or forever21
  3. A black handbag: As I said earlier on, this is because of the versatility of the color. I would recommend getting one in medium-large size.I never had a black bag of my own until a few months back! Can you imagine? I was dying to get one but I couldn't because either I couldn't find the style I wanted or it was too expensive. I finally got one that's good enough for me (it has gold detailing - I LOVE gold detailing).
  4. A blazer: If you've been reading a lot of my posts, you would have been able to predict that a blazer would have to be on this list. Everyone should have at least one blazer in their closet. I would recommend getting a black blazer and a bright colored blazer. The black blazer can be used for everyday casual looks and the bright for, adding spice to an outfit! When choosing the color for the bright blazer, make sure you're choosing a color that compliments most of your outfits and your skin color. You can throw on a blazer in almost any weather depending on its thickness. For example : you can put on a black blazer, a white basic short sleeve top, floral shorts, full leggins/stockings with flats, ankle boots or tall boots. :) you see? Get one from forever21
  5. Scarves: OMG! Scarves! Either a bold animal print scarf (leopard/zebra print) or just a bold/bright solid color scarf. throw this on almost any outfit and you're good to go! Get from forever21  

The part two/continuation for the complete list can be found right here!  Please check it out! 

Thank you and have a great weekend!

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