Hello guys, 

First off, I want to say a big thank you to all of you for all the positive feedback and help you've been giving to me. I really appreciate it.

I have another blog (My Journey to Natural Hair) I just started about transitioning from relaxed/permed hair to natural hair. I know there are lots of people who would like to do this but either don't know how to or are reluctant to begin. This is the link. I basically just give out tips and do product reviews. Please check it out and join me on my journey to natural hair!!

Also, I created a Facebook Page for this blog, that is, STYLED BY KALACK. It's called 'Styled BY Kalack'. This will help to make sharing, communication and access to news and information easier and better. 

PLEASE 'LIKE' the page to show your support!

I have also created new PAGES here on the blog for us to connect more. One of these pages, that I am yet to create will be about my personal life (not fashion related). I will make posts with pictures so that you can get to know what my personal life is like. ;) So please watch out!

Thank you very much and have an awesome week!

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