The Color Purple

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Dress: Light In The Box // Tights & Jewellery: Ardene // Boots: Michael Antonio via BTR // Sunglasses case & Clutch : Dollar Tree

Total Outfit Cost: Approx $42

So I took my tripod out on a spin on Saturday again. I must say I'm quite surprised that the pictures turned out like this. Anyway, I decided to try colorful tights for the first time, but in order not to look too crazy, I paired it with these boots with a similar color. What do you think?

I really love these colors together, they look so rich and kinda ombre-ish? (is that even a word?). I've had this dress for almost a year now and this was actually my second time styling it. The material is so soft and thick, so it kept me warm; I didn't have to put on a jacket! How did you spend your Easter weekend?

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  1. Love this dress! Looks stunning on you!

  2. Anonymous3.4.13

    Hi KK!

    I could not stop myself today from commenting on these pictures. You look stunning in the attires or outfits! Your natural looks became so easily visible. Why don't you stick to the short hair for a while. You look more beautiful in it and so youthful. It is the real you.

    Love u and by the way, I love the colour combinations.


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