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Top: Dynamite// Skirt: Urban behavior// Jacket: H&M// Men's Wristwatch: Avon// Clutch: Dollarama// Shoes: Shoedazzle

Total Cost: Approx. $90

I wore this to church yesterday. Recently, I'm being drawn towards neutral colors like nude and black a lot even though Spring is all about bright colors! This outfit is actually quite interesting. I needed a nude top, but I don't have one, so I wore this top backwards. Also, this skirt is actually about 2 sizes bigger than me, so I used a brooch to pin it at the left side. These shoes actually run half a size small, but it was sold out in my size (9) and other larger sizes and I wanted them so much. Can you believe I went ahead and got them in 8.5? To make myself feel better, I got the purple color in my size, which is true to size, thankfully. Interesting right?

Anyway, it looks like here in Windsor, we're having a very nice Winter this Spring! Sigh. The weather is so pathetic right now, but I'm gradually getting into the Spring spirit. What is the weather like where you are now.  Have a lovely week!




  1. My fave from you so far!!!! love itttt!

  2. this is just...muah!!! L.O.V.E it :) Goodluck in your exams

  3. very nice outfit, the green shoe's is is just id perfect...

  4. Oh wow... I love this! The skirt is so cute but those green shoes.... I must have them! "Green" with envy right now! You look great!

    xo, Kenya


    Kenya L Fashion Blog

  5. Lovely look, I especially love those shoes. And I'm glad you got them in the correct size in purple, because purple's my favorite color :)


  6. hey this is my first time on here, i gota say, those shoes are amazing, the green just caught my attention. nice :) btw where is windsor? is dt smwere here in the u.s?

    1. Thanks! Windsor is city located in Ontario, Canada. :)


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