Flowers + Golden Globe Favorites

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Dress: H&M
Jacket: H&M
Shoes: Urbanog.com
Tights and Ring: Ardene

First off, sorry about the dark, blurry and just horrible pictures! The sun's been hiding, it's so cold and I didn't want to bail out on you guys, so I decided to shoot anyways. :)

This was my outfit to church yesterday. I really didn't know what to wear, so I found this dress I bought in 2011 at H&M while clearing out my closet and just decided to put it on!

My week and weekend has been really crazy and challenging guys! I've been so stressed out, I learned a lot of life-changing lessons, and I now have a different perspective on life. I just know that no matter what happens, life goes on right?

What do you do to bounce back up when you have a really bad day?

Golden Globes

Yesterday was such an eventful day for all these celebs, but the only thing I was interested in was seeing all their outfits! :p

These are some of my favorites.


I'm absolutely in love with Taylor Swift and Jessica Alba's dresses!

Who's outfit is your favorite?

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  1. those shoes of yours are so cute! and my faves of the Golden Globes were between J.Lo and Julianne Hough


    1. Thank you! :) J.LO looked amazing!


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