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The main idea behind IAB is Empowerment, Motivation and Success. Many of us know that there are many issues concerning body image, social stratification and general emotional and psychological well-being of people. These issues have lead to too many devastating ends such as depression and death- in the form of suicide.
I would like to use this series as a way to destroy all that negativity and build up the self-confidence of our generation that is being tampered with by so many sources.

Relax and Enjoy...

1. What is your Name?
JesulOba Akinyele

2. What is your Nationality and Where do you currently live?
Nigerian and I live in the United Kingdom 

3. Which age group do you belong to? 0-17, 18-25, 26-40, 40 and above.
18- 25

4. Describe your personal style.
I'd like to think of my style as classy and elegant, but age appropriate. Think Victoria Beckham and Blair Waldorf from gossip girl. I love shoes (flats and heels). I don't do converses, high tops or creepers. I can stand toms occasionally :p 

5. What makes you feel beautiful?
My height and my smile. I like to think of myself as 'curvy'. Some people say fat, but I say curvy! At 5ft 10inches, I think I pull it off very well. When I smile, people smile back. I've never gotten a no with my smile. I know it sounds very cheesy, but when you have cheeks and an occasional dimple, who is going to say no to that? 

6. What do you think of the current issues concerning body image and race?
Concerning body image, it's mostly about being slim and being able to wear a size 6 (I think that's an American zero). I know girls who go on crazy diets to loose weight. I personally have done it all and I lost weight and put it back on. Name it: master cleanse done, eat and binge, atkins diet!
  I was a UK 16/18 when I decided to gym and eat healthy, and the weight went down. Girls especially need to know its not about size but it's about being healthy and feeling beautiful. Finding the things that are unique to them and making the most of it.

Race is a little bit difficult to answer because I don't think you can change your race without some form of magic! I have vague memories of my friends in high school who wanted to be lighter. They never bleached or anything, but they had the idea that being light skinned made people 'more beautiful'.

7. Do you think the media has had a negative or positive influence on these issues? Why?
I think it has a negative effect. I have never seen an advert concerning how to put on weight. Most of the models on E! or FTV are all skinny. Its all skinny skinny skinny... I remember starving myself till I fainted in the tube one day because I really wanted to be skinny. I remember looking at vogue and all the models in their dresses all skinny and beautiful; all the runway models with their hip bones showing...and I'll look down at my love handles. 

At the same time, there are some good shows out there that encourage healthy weight loss and talk about BMI and being healthy. There are also plus size models coming up. There just has to be more input of the "good weight and body image vibe".

8. What do you think of the current fashion industry and trends?
I'm quite liberal about many things like short dresses, revealing shirts and things like that. I might not wear these things but I don't mind them as long as they are worn properly. For example: I wont like to see a girl like me with a bit of tummy wearing a crop top!

9. What advice would you like to give?
My advice is very simple. Big can be beautiful. This is a very traditional thing to say, but "all fingers are not equal'.  Everyone is different. Different sizes, shapes, figures, faces and we can't blend into a particular form that has been created where we have to starve or worry about blending in. We have to be bold and strong because we are beautiful. 

10. Share a fun fact about you.
I love to sing but I can't sing to save my life, but I still sing my lungs out in the shower or whenever I hear a song I like. 


JesulOba, I really enjoyed reading your answers! I'm glad you spoke about the height-weight factor. 
A lot of people forget that's the important thing.  

LOL at the singing part... trust me, I know what you mean. :p You have reminded us again that we are different and beautiful in our own ways.

What do you guys think?
Check back next wednesday for the next feature. More info here.


  1. Beautiful comes in all ranges...shapes, sizes, race, age...etc.

    I like her style. I glad she mentioned that her smile is something that makes her feel beautiful. We aren't comletely dressed without our smiles. I love my smile as well. It should be a staple.

    Thanks for featuring her. Her name is beautiful! :)

  2. Already feeling beautiful all the way! Love her style, and the outfit! yes, ya got it right girl, Blair Waldorf from gossip girl!! This is really nice, I loved reading about her :)

  3. I enjoyed reading her answers to the questions. She sounds, beautiful & confident. www.stylefash25.blogspot.com

  4. True that...Confidence and comfort under your own skin is what makes us beautiful and unique.

    Read this article:- http://ririzmusings.blogspot.com/2013/04/find-comfort-in-your-naked-skin.html


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