Hello guys What's up?

I'm so super excited about this.. LOL.. I finally made the eyebrow tutorial video. This is my first tutorial video ever!!! So please, bear with me.

I hope you guys enjoy it and learn something from it!! If you have any question or suggestions, please post them in the comment box!!

The products I used are:
  1. Elf eyebrow kit in dark
  2. Elf eyeshadow 'C' brush
  3. Aziza eyeliner pencil in black 
  4. Maybelline fit me foundation ( any concealer or foundation will do) - a shade lighter than you skin color
  5. A mascara wand brush (not sure if that's what its called x.X)
  6. Maybelline fit me pressed powder
  7. Elf angled foundation brush
  8. Elf powder brush

 The main tricks in doing this are:
  1. Make sure you blend as much as possible with the mascara wand brush
  2. Make sure whatever kit or pencil you are using is not more than a shade lighter than your hair color
  3. Make sure you blend out the foundation/concealer properly, I like to do it upwards and then sideways
  4. If you naturally have thick eyebrows, follow the shape and growth of you brows. If your brows are thin, you have the option of creating the shape you want but you must also be patient enough to blend very well.
  5. To know the best place to stop drawing the line, take a brush and place it at the bottom of your eyes in such a way that its aligned with your eyes and you will notice where your brows should stop for a natural look.

If you are able to follow those steps, you will hopefully achieve a natural look. You can't really hear what I'm saying at the beginning and end, sorry about that! :(

OK.. Get ready and here we go!!! :D

Here is the YouTube link to the tutorial to view it bigger :)

Before and After

Hope you guys liked it!! :D Please let me know what you think!!!
Have a lovely week!!!
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