Have you ever walked into a store and you saw a very beautiful dress. In the process of checking it out, you turn it around only to see that the back is open. Then, you're like, bummer, and you have to return it because you think you can't put it on? OR probably you have it in your closet and you're waiting for a miraculous day that you'll finally be able to put it on? Well, I hope that day comes soon!

Say bye-bye to all that now, Enjoy!

Before I tell you what to wear with it, here's what NOT to wear: Plastic/'Invisible' straps! PLEASE, NO!! I'm not even sure why those things were invented because, they're VERY visible so, BIG NO to those! Moving on..

1. DUCT TAPE: It's kind of like a DIY method. It's the cheapest and probably the most painful. LOL! You get either 2 or 4 small different pieces of  duct tape. If you're using 2, you just put them across your bust or if you're using 4, you put 2 on each bust in the form of an 'X' and Viola! you're done!

something like this

2. Second is a backless, strapless bra! It holds you at the sides with adhesive wings so you should be fine with this. Only problem with this is after so much wear it tends to become loose and less firm on you and can cause you to be uncomfortable. You can check this one out!

A Backless strapless bra

3. Third option is an invisible silicone bra. This bra would work best on people with smaller bust because it has no straps or almost no  form of  hold except from the adhesive moulding of the bra. It is just placed on the breast. It is also perfect for light materials and the skimpiest outfits! Here's one.

Invisible silicone bra

4. Another option is a convertible bra that allows you to wear it in almost any position. It is awesome and a must-have. Some allow up to nine different positions. It balances out the weight of your breasts across your lower back and abdomen. Not all of them are backless. So you may not be able to wear it with every backless dress! Check out this and this too.

A convertible bra

5. There's also the padded, backless body shaper bra. This is perfect for every body type because it comes in the form of a bodysuit. It's a one-piece so it not only helps your bust area but also, your tummy! Another awesome option. Check out this one.

Padded backless strapless bra

I hope that this problem is now solved for all of us! Now go and get all those backless outfits you've always wanted to rock!!

Check out these four backless dresses:

1. Topshop (Totally in style - Peplum and red-hot!)

2. Modcloth (This dress is so unique, I LOVE it)

3. Topshop heart lace dress (CUTE!!)

4. Boohoo (Perfect for an outing at night!)
Thanks for stopping by. Have an awesome day!! :)

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