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There are so many combination trends hitting runways and streets this season. some of these trends are: Orange and Pink (and other similar shades); Blue/Purple with White and Black; Red (this is one of the versatile colors. it has been mixed and matched with so many other colors like black, white, grey, pink and orange); Monochrome (Black and white); Burgundy and Black; Burnt Orange and Black; Mustard and Black/Hot Pink; different shades of Blue mixed together; and many more!!!

Black and Gold/ Silver has also made a huge statement in terms of accessories! I, however, prefer the Black and Gold trend to Black and Silver. There's a lot of detailing created with these colors. You have: patterns on necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings; there's also studs and 'spikes' on heels of boots, shoulders of sweaters and jackets, on illusory dresses; they're also on many clutches and bags!

What I LOVE about Black and Gold is, it gives an outfit and 'edge'. You can be all girly with your lace dress and cute flats but then, the moment you put on say, a black leather jacket with a studded collar, your outfit has been 'stepped-up'.

Here are some pictures of this trend in motion:

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  1. I love black and gold combo, my fav!


  2. Someone who agree with me! :) black and gold are so beautiful together!


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