Once a Week Chic

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So, I discovered this new Fab website called Once A Week Chic. Basically, the website showcases one look each week. This look is made up of trendy, stylish and affordable pieces. The single pieces that come together to form the look are then sold either together as the whole look or alone (piece by piece).

[caption id="attachment_1405" align="aligncenter" width="470"] Taken from their 'About Us' page[/caption]

The Fab thing is, you can buy a complete look each week, for just $194. This includes, accessories, bottoms, tops and shoes; so everything basically from head to toe!! Also, they are US-based but ship worldwide for only $9.95!

Although the looks change each week, you can still view previous featured looks but, only shop for the current look! (If the previous look is not sold out, you can still shop for it!)

I think it's a pretty cool idea and yes, I would recommend it to a friend. :)

Head to Once A Week Chic right now, to view and shop this week's look before it sells out! :)



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