My Tripod And I

Sweater:Urban Planet// Skirt: Dynamite// Boots: urbanog.com// Earrings, Necklace, Belt, and Hat: Ardene// Men's Wristwatch: Avon// Bag: Louis Vuitton (Gifted)

Total Outfit Cost (minus bag):  Approx. $69.9

So I decided to get myself a tripod because it's so difficult getting someone to help take my pictures. Sometimes I do, but other times I get really disappointed by them on the day of the shoot! I'm also very particular about the look my pictures, so it's also challenging getting the 'perfect picture' because I do not have a professional photog.

Anyhoo, since I don't currently use a camera, I got a smart-phone mount (adapter) to be able to use the tripod with my Samsung S2. I strolled to the riverside to do some test shots, and it was a little bit of a disaster (LOL); however, I was able to get a few 'presentable' pictures. Oh! but these pictures did not occur without any hassle. I was running back and forth from the tripod to my pose... you have no idea! People were staring at me initially and I just couldn't be bothered. All I knew was I had to get at least ONE picture!  I ended up turning black because I spent SO much time in the sun. Sigh...

I'll keep trying, and hopefully I'll be a pro at using a tripod (with no remote - how annoying!) in no  time! How do you take pictures for your blog?




  1. LOL! I got mine in the mail yesterday, you should get a remote! They really help. The pictures look good still!

    1. I don't think they have remotes for smartphones though. :/

  2. The photos are really good, would never have known you used a phone instead of a camera

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    1. Yeah, I thank God for that. Lol

  3. Love the outfit so comfy and stylish plus purse pops against the nuetrals.


  4. Love the whole look dear!


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