Online Shopping: eFoxCity

I'm a die-hard online shopper. 75% of my closet contains different items from online stores, so when eFoxCity contacted me during the past week to do a review on their products, I was so excited to check out their website!

I immediately followed the links provided in the email to their website and started going through the pages! I found so many cute and gorgeous pieces! These pictures are just a few of the items I really liked... I didn't want to upload too many pictures.

eFoxcity is registered as a private company in SHENZHEN and Hongkong and they carry fashion items for both women AND men! The items include special occasion formal dresses, homecoming dresses, discount wedding dresses, all ranges of clothing, and jewelry.

Their prices are really affordable (from $3.99), but I have not received any items from them yet, so I can't really talk about quality right now.  Checkout their website here for more info on shipping, sizing, and other stuff!

Have you ever heard about eFoxCity, and aren't those special occasion dresses just stunning? Which is your favorite?




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    1. I know right! That was my fave too! :)

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  3. love all the dresses! it looks so elite and fashionable and never out of style! thanks for sharing!

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