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It's been a while! I thought I'd update you about what's been happening, hence the lack of posts. The last couple of months have been really tedious for me. I thought I had enough time, but everything happened so quickly around the same time so I decided to take a break. It all began a few weeks to my finals for last semester.

I had been house-haunting, finally I found a place then almighty finals came along, then I had to pack up to move out of my previous house, then I had to move in to a somewhat unfinished house... I had flooring, painting, furnishing and all that going on + some bad cold, so it's been quite stressful.

Unto some refreshing news, I finally got my first DSLR! Whoop! After months of procrastination, saving up, research on YouTube, review websites, blog FAQs, and stalking prices on about 5 different websites, I finally got a Canon EOS Rebel T3i with the 18-55mm kit lens + 75-300mm II USM Lens + EF 50mm f/1.8 II Lens! I feel I snagged them up for a pretty good deal, so yay to better pictures! I can't wait to play around with my photography skills. Also, I thought I'd share with you some recent additions to my closet in the pictures above.

I also have couple of projects in mind, so I'll work on them and let you know as they unfold.

Thanks for your patience.




  1. beautiful pictures! I love all the shoes
    You have a lovely blog and style
    #NewFollower. Please check out mine



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