StyledBYKalack is On Break...

WHAT: This doesn't mean that I will completely abandon Styled BY Kalack during this period, it just means that I 
will not be posting as frequently in the mean time.

WHY: There's so much I have going on at the moment and I need to cut down on a couple of things and 
get my head straight first. I may even be back before the end of 2 months!

FOR NOW: On the bright side, I will be posting more videos on my YouTube channel 
featuring hauls, lookbooks, and makeovers. So you can join me there on YouTube to keep up-to-date. 
The only other way to get updates from me would be via Instagram. Sign up for email updates to know when I'm back (on the right sidebar).

WHAT NEXT: When Styled BY Kalack resumes, there might possibly be a totally new address (most likely on WordPress) and a new blog layout. It will be a completely new and fresh experience. We will be re-branding, so get ready for Styled BY Kalack 2.0. (I will update you).

It's been really hard for me to come to this decision and I don't want you to think that I don't care for Styled BY Kalack: I really do and that's why I will be back.
 Thanks to those of you who have been faithful readers and supporters from DAY 1. I  appreciate all of you! See you soon.




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