Hi guys :) I think I'm in love with..... Nude. Nude is a very 'miraculous color' lol and, because I'm not a big fan of black, i guess i have a another color to rely on. So of late, I have been sticking a lot to it. Almost every outfit I put together has to go with nude heels.

Guess what? You won't believe how much this outfit minus the shoes and belt costs. Do you want to know? This outfit is worth approximately $50 from head to toe!

Suzy Shier top, Midi Skirt, George (UK) belt, Urban Planet Shoes, necklace.

The top is nude, silk and sleeveless with lace details across the chest. I tucked it into the midi skirt and placed the leather belt around the band of the skirt. And then put on my shoes. Voila! This outfit is another extremely comfortable one that can be worn when you don't want to look too-dressy but also presentable.

 Enjoy the rest of your week and stay blessed. xx
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  1. yaay kike :)))
    Nice outfit, love the heels. how much did it cost?

  2. thank uuuu.... oh so u asked ehn.. lol.. ok both the top and skirt are $4.99 each lol... and the heels were $30 :D


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