Hey everybody! today, I'm doing a post about how to care for your makeup brushes. :D

A lot of us ladies these days hardly have time for stuff like this (truth be said :p). You wake up one morning feeling so good and lazy to get out of bed. Then you roll and grab your phone to check for any missed calls, bbm messages or perhaps Facebook notifications ;).. and then your eyes suddenly shift up and you see the time 8:00am and you're like 'oh! shoot!'. You remember you have an appointment at 8:30am. Aha! you see what I'm talking about? 

Then you remember, you forgot to clean up your makeup brushes the previous night. You use the brushes like that and then you're walking on the street when you decide to look in one of the glass mirrors and lo and behold! there's a little guy shining on your forehead. Yeaaahhhh!!!! lol 

OK. Lets get to get. Here's how to avoid one of those days by following these simple steps. Things you'll need:
  1. Your make up brushes (every single one of them)
  2. Shampoo or a foaming face wash
  3. Warm water in the bathroom sink for about 15-20mins
  4. Some paper towel or a small towel
So the steps are as follows:
  1. Wet the hairs on the brush slightly pointing downwards then, wet them fully, still pointing downwards.
  2. Using adequate amount of the soap shampoo/wash, gently apply it one the brush hairs from ferrule to tips. Do this over and over.
  3. Then, rinse with warm water. Now check if the water is clear or until no more clumps are visible. If not, repeat step 3 until the water becomes clear.
  4. Squeeze gently from top to bottom (not like clothes! yikes!)
  5. After, place them on their sides on a dry paper towel/ small towel to dry.
  6. Let them air dry. DO NOT DRY THEM STANDING UP!!!!!!! We don't want our brushes looking like you know what! Also, do not leave them soaked in water for too long!
 Voila! our make brushes are clean. Don't forget to wash them frequently and by that I mean a minimum of once a week.

Now after all the cleaning and drying, Its time to put them away nicely. I recommend using a brush-set case instead of leaving them open. You can leave them open for minutes after using them but then, return them back into the case so that they don't pick up any more dirt/germs from the environment. Make sure you give  the brushes a little shake and check to make sure they are not damaged then, gently replace them into their case.


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