This Week's Obsessions Under $100!

1. I love this frame bag. I think it's gorgeous, and I really like the color contrast on it with a hint of gold! Get it here
2. I've been eying this dress for a while now! I love the elegant embroidery all over it. This is a really classy piece. Plus its made from wool and polyester which equals comfort! :D Get it here

3. This vintage style CASHMERE turtle neck dress is another classy piece!! It's getting so cold outside, so it's time to switch up clothes for the weather! Get it here

4. How beautiful is this jacket? Talk about making a statement! I like the hint of peplum and how the ruffles are not too over-the-top. Get it here

5. I love this skirt for several reasons. It's a skater skirt - which makes it girly, but it has a hint of leather- which gives it an edge, and leather is trending now. Also, it's black- meaning you can easily pair it with a lot of other fab pieces! Get it here

6. Capes are so stylish and effortless, and they can instantly make a simple outfit look so chic! I love this one because it looks quite unique. Get it here 

  7. Oh, how I love these pants! I love pieces that are easy to style because they already look fab even before any styling! You can dress these pants up or down... depending on your style and the occasion. Get it here

8. This dress is gorgeous! I love the color, the glass beads on the sleeves, the peplum and silver zip detail behind! This is my favorite pick for this week! Get it here

9. ASOS has won my heart yet again this week! I love the floral lace design and cotton-rich fabric! It's stylish, classy and elegant; perfect for a semi-formal occasion! Get it here

10. Last but defnitely not least is this ASOS cotton midi dress. I like it because it's very lady-like. I can just see myself wearing this with thigh-high or knee-high heel boots for that Victoria Beckham elegant look! What do you think? ;)

The weather is changing very quickly, so it's important to transition into Fall (which feels very much like winter right now!) keeping this in mind. 

Which of the pieces do you like most? My favorite is the blue peplum dress from Light In The Box!

Thanks for stopping by, and have a great day!

Don't forget to check back next Wednesday for next week's obsessions!



“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”
Leonardo da Vinci


  1. great post dear

  2. Great blog. very unique style. Interesting content.

  3. Loving that bag !


    1. I know right! It's beautiful! Thanks for stopping by :)


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