Prints, Denim, and Turbans

I have been loving denim for the past few months like crazy! Almost every other day, I rock a denim outfit. Coincidentally, all my denim items were purchased from Forever21. I got this denim shirt about 2 weeks ago or so when they had their Extra 50% off sale items promo and I absolutely love it. It's light-wash and it has this unique Ikat print detail across the shoulder from front to back. I've been pairing it with bright skirts and jeans.

Finally, the most dreaded season is almost here and I now have to face the reality of the situation. About 2 months ago, I decided to wear my hair out for at least 2 months just to keep it healthy before going back to any full protective style. So with the cold weather approaching, I have been thinking of different options to protect my hair from the harsh cold. 

Shirt: Forever 21 | Scarf: Ardene | LOVE this option Sears  | Sunnies: Sirens | Earrings: Ardene 

After watching loads of YouTube videos, I have decided that scarves and beanies will be my go-to. This scarf I'm wearing is from Ardene. I love their scarves because they have so many unique and vibrant prints (mostly in-store) to choose from and they never run out of them.
Do you do any protective hairstyles during the colder months?




  1. adorable post!!! ur lookin so chic!!! xx)))

  2. LOVE this turban! This looks so cute :)

    Tiffany Ima
    Style Honestly

  3. Anonymous28.10.13

    The turbon <3

  4. Love! Please do a post about beanies and afros! I need styling help!

  5. Love this! You are rockin' that turban!!

    xo, Kenya


  6. Love the shirt so much, and the turban really rocks. Make up is so well done too.


  7. I love the denim, The print on it lovely, and that turban is everything!! , I don't know how to style turbans but this sorta gave me a boost to look more into turbans :)

  8. love your blog. now following. kindly check out mine :)

  9. Anonymous4.11.13

    love the outfit looking gorgeous ure blog always inspires us

    xxx houseoffstyle.com


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