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So at last, my favourite seasons of the year have arrived! You guys may have noticed I'm not really a big fan of Summer and Spring because I'm not really into showing legs. I prefer pants to skirts and dresses all day, everyday. However, these days because of the Full Midi Skirt trend, I have started to fall in love with skirts again. (Check out this post of my favourite Full Midi Skirts) However, once a skirt is shorter than midi length, I will always find one excuse or the other to not purchase it.

The hottest boots trend for this season are the Over The Knee Boots. I mean, these boots are gorgeous (when worn appropriately), but some of them can be really tacky. That second part is the main reason why I'm not all over this trend, except from the fact that I am not much of a 'trend-follower'. I feel like it's so difficult to find the right pair of over the knee boots that looks decent. Are you with me on this one? 

Therefore, for this Fall/Winter 2013, I will be wearing a lot of ankle boots and Knee high boots.

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  1. I am with you! I agree that when the over the knee boots are not done right, they can look really cheap and tacky but when done well, it's a sexy look I think. I love fall too & although I like shorts and will try to wear different looks, my favorite is layering in the cooler months!! Anyway great picks of boots!'

  2. Amazing booties!
    New outfit on my blog, hope you will visit it and let me know what you think!

  3. I am so in love with over the knee boots. They work so well with almost anything. So sexy and chic. Love all these pairs.


  4. Anonymous12.11.13

    loveeeeeee ure picks great choices

    xxx houseoffstyle

  5. Those justfab shoes are really nice


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